What's the Difference?

Many people wonder what the difference is between a jacket and a blazer and a sport coat.  Indeed these terms have grown to become used interchangeably much like the waistcoat and vest. As far as we are concerned the only one that is most appropriate for the true business attire is the suit jacket, but I will provide a little bit of history on the other two. Remember - blazers and sport coats are not worn with matching trousers.

What's a Blazer? 

Blazers have nautical roots. They were usually worn by sailors, rowers, and other sea faring men.  Hence the quintessential blazer is often a solid navy blue colour with gold buttons, patch pockets and a crest of some sort.  This is either a crest of one’s family, social club, institution, or in the case you are a golfer who wins the masters the green jacket.  It has gold buttons, it is solid in colour, and has a crest.

What's a Sport Coat?

Then there are sport coats.  When you think Sport coats think English gentlemen on horseback going on a fox hunt.  Sport coats have an history in sport and they were designed accordingly.  They are usually made from coarser materials such as tweed and heavy wool and are often patterned with plaid. It is not unusual to see them with elbow patches and patch pockets. 

What's a Suit Jacket?

Suit jackets are what one should wear if you are truly going for a proper business attire.  Sometimes blazers and sport coats are trendy, and stylish, particularly if you are an older gentleman (sport coat) or a younger man going for the prep school look (blazer), but all in all one should really wear a suit. 

3 simple points. 3 subtle differences. Keep them in mind.