The shirt front is where the buttons on the front of a shirt are housed.  It serves a bit of a functional purpose in helping to keep the form of the shirt.  Additionally the three variations allow for a little bit of self-expression.

Placket Front/Box/Standard

This is the standard placket that is seen on most shirts. Wearing this type of placket does not say much about you, however not wearing it communicates a little bit more. The best thing about the box placket is that it is perfectly symmetrical and it is recommended for those who care for being perfectly bisected right down the middle.

Plain Front/French

This is a front where there the buttons are not boxed in on both sides. It is slight asymmetrical, yet cleaner.  It is certainly more fashion forward and distinguished, and makes the wearer look different for a reason the untrained eye may not be able to quickly discern at first. This type of front is perfectly acceptable for business wear, and we would recommend it as a look for a gentleman who wants to emphasize the fact that he cares about how he presents.

Fly Front/Concealed

This is the look where buttons are completely covered underneath the edge of the shirt. We like this look with a plain shirt front and no pockets as it draws attention to ones figure as the centrepiece. This is the most trendy and daring, and is also acceptable for business wear. Some might also argue that this is the most formal of all as it is the one that is frequently seen on tuxedo shirts.