Every man should own one brown belt and one black belt. If you're tight on funds, the double-sided belt is your saviour. Belts should match your shoes. For business-wear you should avoid loud buckles. The belt should be long enough so that it extends slightly past the first belt loop but not much more beyond that. You should also invest in a good leather belt that will not fray at the edges. 


One can be widely expressive with cufflinks. We would recommend any type of cufflink in a professional setting as it fits within any business-casual setting. Some would advise to be aware of your audience and the decorum of the place to which you are wearing the cufflinks. This goes without saying with all clothing. If unsure, one can never go wrong with silver geometric cufflinks.  Once comfortable however, you may get cufflinks for the occasion and season such as St. Patrick’s Day Cufflinks, Valentine’s day cufflinks and so on. Cufflinks can also match ones sock, shoes, belt, and tie to accessorize in a very deliberate way.

Pocket Squares

It is our conviction that a man is not fully dressed without a pocket square. Jackets should always have pocket squares, particularly when worn without a tie. Pocket squares show an attention to detail. They show a great deal of deliberateness, and the specific fold employed by the wearer is yet another opportunity to send a message to the observer.  The rule of thumb is that pocket squares should only match the tie perfectly when worn to formal events and weddings.  Otherwise they are only to accent the tie and match to some degree if the wearer so chooses.  That means not to load up on the tie and pocket square sets that are cut from the same cloth.  We like to match our squares with our ties, but avoid having the same design and cloth.