There are three types of cuffs for dress shirts (two main types and one that you have likely never heard of).  Each of these cuffs have various permutations and cuts that one can add for a unique look. 

Barrel Cuffs

These are the standard cuffs that you will find on most shirts.  They are perfectly appropriate for business wear. We tend to wear these on days when we are in a rush as they are more practical and easy to put on.  Additionally they are beneficial for travel as one does not have to pack the cufflinks separately and lose your nice pair of sentimental cufflinks as we have had the misfortune of doing. 

French Cuffs

Like the barrel cuff these also come is a few variations on permutations, particularly with the finishing of the edges.  These are the most formal of the bunch and I would highly recommend them if you are in a business where meeting people and networking is important. Flashy cufflinks can be good conversation starters. Even conservative cufflinks with school crests, associations, or anything that identifies you to be a member of a certain profession can instantly create propinquity and make it such that you win a new client, contact or sometimes even a hot date. 

Men are extremely limited with the degree to which they can accessorize.  Cufflinks provide yet another opportunity for you to accessorize to the max.  They can complement your tie and pocket square and show that you are a deliberate dresser.   

A bit of history, It is said that these cuffs were popularized by the book: Count of Montecristo by Alexandre Dumas.  After describing them as follows, “the owner of so splendid an equipage must needs be all that was admirable and enviable, more especially when they gazed on the enormous diamond that glittered in his shirt, and the red ribbon that depended from his button-hole”, French tailors began producing shirts with French Cuffs and they eventually came to be known as such because of the country in which they first became popular.   

Cocktail Cuffs

This cuff is known as the James Bond Cuff because it was popularized by Sean Connery when he starred in the James Bond Film Dr. No. These types of cuffs are extremely rare as such they serve a clever way to be remembered and to stand out.

If James Bond can, why can't you?