Pocket Pack Rats

You really should not put anything large and heavy in your trouser pockets, but if you have a large George Costanza wallet and like to break the rules - buy pleated pants. They tend to accommodate pocket pack rats better. 

3 Pocket Picks

There are three main types of pockets on men’s trousers.  There is the on seam pocket, the off seam pocket and the J pocket.  While the on seam pocket is the most formal of them all, the off seam pocket is equally acceptable. 

The J pocket which is more commonly found in jeans should be reserved for nothing higher than a smart casual level of dress. The on seam pocket is exactly what it sounds like.  It is the pocket that is in line with the seam on the outer leg of the trouser.  This type of pocket is similar to what is often called an invisible pocket in women’s clothing. The most practically useful pocket is the J pocket. Things tend not to fall out of the pocket when you sit down. Inseam pockets apparently create a slimming effect on the wearer. Our personal favourite is the off seam slanted pockets.  They are easy to access and very popular and common. 

Back Pockets

Back pockets, both one or two back pockets are considered appropriate. Back pockets should not hold anything that ruins the shape of the trouser.  They are to have no flaps as flaps are seen as more casual and can be adorned with one button each.Your call gentlemen.